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Data File: HSE 2010 Individual Data

Title: HSE 2010 Individual Data


What’s in 2010
* General population sample of around 8,000 adults, 2,000 children  Child boost (4,000 children)
Question topics
* Core questions on general health, doctor-diagnosed hypertension, adult diabetes, fruit and vegetables, smoking, drinking, classification
* Special topics in 2010: dental health, respiratory disease, swine flu, kidney disease
* Self completions:
** for children 8-12, 13-15 years, male young adults, female young adults Men 16-69, Women 16-69, Adults aged 70 +, SDQ
* Heights and weights
Nurse visits
* Nurse visit for everyone aged 0+ in core addresses only

Year: 2010

Data Set: HSE 2010

The University of Manchester The myGrid team, School of Computer Science, University of Manchester, UK

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